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Visual art at Northview involves creating hands-on art as well as learning about art in historical context. Some of the projects we work on are 2-D and some are 3-D. Students work with drawing pencils (color & lead), pastels (oil & chalk), charcoal, acrylic paint, tempera paint, watercolor, india ink, white and red clay, markers, pens, and other projects that involve special materials and tools.

Art is important for students in their formative years because it is not an isolated subject. Art knowledge, creativity and skill carries over into countless fields of study and careers. It develops motor skills, creativity, unique perspectives, mathmatical understanding and application, conception of space, form and color, expression, intellect and aesthetic beauty. We discuss the countless types of jobs and careers that actually use art in one form or another.

We learn about and apply the universal "Elements of Art", and the "Principles of Design", which are standards for middle school art and later years. We learn to appreciate and take care of our tools, and to respect our own art, as well as each other's art. We also love to adorn our school with vibrant color, unique and original student art, and to share with our class our own individual art we do in our spare time.

Most importantly, while we take our art seriously, we like to enjoy the process of creating art! We hope you enjoy our art too!