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Dear Parents Letter

Dear Parents,


I am very pleased to let you know that your son/daughter has expressed an interest in playing tennis this year. Since we’ll be announcing tennis try-outs very soon. Please read and be aware of the following information:


1. Before he/she can practice for try-outs, try-out, or play, he/she must have an active physical within the dates of May 1, 2016- Present. If he/she has not had a physical between these dates you may pick up a physical form in the front office. A completed physical must be turned in before your son/daughter can start practice for try-outs.


2. Please read the Tennis Team Contract to be aware of the expectations before trying out. Practices and games will be mandatory and will only be excused for an absence that has been excused in the front office. Your son/daughter will receive a practice schedule after try-outs that will list the dates and times of practice and also a pick up time. Please make sure that arrangements are made to have your child picked up at the scheduled time. If your child misses more than three practices and/or one game, they will be removed from the team and their uniform will be returned immediately.


3. Your child will need a tennis racket in order to practice/try out. Uniforms will be provided and returned at the conclusion of the season. If the uniform is lost or damaged, you will be responsible for replacing it. We may hold a fundraiser to offset some of the expenses of sweatsuits for the students to keep; parents will be responsible for the ending balance.


4. Your child will be required to maintain a “C” average or above for the duration of the season. Also, any student who has received ISS or OSS after Christmas '16 will be unable to try-out or join the team.



We look forward to a having a great season. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at msanderson@dyercs.net



Marjie Sanderson